Word from our founders.


Pastor Dale Litsey is a native of Okmulgee and a 1969 graduate of Okmulgee High School. He was known in his hometown as a race horse jockey and horse trainer. After realizing God's call on his life to preach the gospel, he left the race horse world. He and his wife, Colleen later moved to Fort Worth, TX to train under Jerry Savelle Ministries International. For the next twenty-three years they founded three churches and a Christian school before moving back to Okmulgee to start a church.

In the late 1997, Dale returned to the Okmulgee area and founded Jubilee Christian Center. "I never thought I would be back in Okmulgee County," he says, "but God has taken me in twenty plus years in one big circle. I know it was under the direction of the Holy Spirit and it's where I'm suppose to be. I love helping people and the ministry of Jesus is all about helping people. It feels good to help people in my home town."

In 2006, the church purchased twenty acres and facility north of town on Highway 75, where Jubilee Christian Center is presently located. Jubilee Christian Center is a Holy Spirit led non-denominational church. Pastors Dale & Colleen Litsey serve passionately to our JCC congregation and the Okmulgee community. You can find LIVE sermons online each week on our JCC FaceBook page. Pastor Dale Litsey also gives encouraging prayers on Okmulgee 365 FaceBook page each month. Jubilee has an average attendance of 150-200 members & their motto is “Where Everybody is Somebody”.


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Pastors Dale &

Colleen Litsey